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Story of the Week – 1/9/15 – They Saved Each Other

western womanAnnabelle heard horses approaching.  She knew who it was, and she was dreading this visit. She walked to the door, smoothed her hair, and said a quick prayer.

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. She married a man with land and money, but four years later he was dead, and the drought had sucked up all the money and killed whatever hope was left in the land.

She went outside to greet Mr. Johnson, the bank manager, who was there to take the farm once and for all. Corey Jones, the owner of the adjacent farm, was with him.

Corey’s farm had a river running through it, so it survived the drought much better than most of the farms in the area, at least for the first few years. If her property line was one mile further west, she would have had that water, too.  What a difference a mile can make, she thought.

Corey looked nervous. Annabelle was sure Mr. Johnson brought him along to make the whole situation easier. She did feel more comfortable with him there.  He was always kind to her, and with him there she felt like maybe things would be okay after all.

“Annabelle,” said Mr. Johnson, dispensing with the normal greeting pleasantries, “I think I’ve found a way you can keep your farm.” Continue reading Story of the Week – 1/9/15 – They Saved Each Other