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It’s Not All About Baseball

66105_237330353070501_366883523_nIt may seem like everything in my life is all about baseball and Rookie Season because you’ve been hearing so much about the Rookie Season launch this month. Well, there is so much more going on than that.

The Quick Guide to Learning through Video Games, which will include The Quick Guide to Learning through Minecraft™, will be released in February. I’ve also been busy working on the next two curricular units based on the game Minecraft™.

But that’s not all! Scoring Position, the sequel to Rookie Season, is also in the works, as is a short story collection.

By the time all of these are finished and published, it will be baseball season and my life will be all about baseball. 🙂

I love baseball.  I always have.  There’s something magic about being at the ballpark on a hot summer day. The warmth of the sun. The coolness of the breeze.  The scent of fresh cut grass.  The sound of the crowd and the crack of the bat. It all restores the soul, my friends.

And in less than three months, it’s back.


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