Projects in Process

I’ve always got several projects in process. Yes, several, in addition to the poems and and works of fiction that I send out to publishers for consideration regularly.

work in progress2

Here are the projects that will be published in 2015:

Learning through Video Games – This is a non-fiction book about using video games as a platform for learning. While it’s targeted toward home school students, it can be useful for parents of all children who love to play video games. Expected publication – September 2015

Affirmations for Life is a book of affirmations to help you maintain a positive attitude through all of life’s challenges.  Divided by topic (children, prosperity, family relationships, etc.), there’s something here for everyone. Expected publication – October 2015

Affirmations for Recovery  is designed for people working a 12 step program of recovery. Affirmations are provided for each of the 12 steps. Expected publication -October 2015

Scoring Position – This work of fiction is the sequel to Rookie Season and the second in the Love in the Ballpark Trilogy.

Poems of Love and Other Thoughts About Marriage  will be my first published collection of poetry, and it’s all about love and marriage. Expected publication – December 2015

Poems about Love and the Stories behind Them will include poems about all kinds of love, not just married love, and it will be a different kind of poetry book because each poem will be accompanied by a short essay telling the story behind the poem., Expected Publication – December 2015

Scary Very Short Stories is a collection of very short stories (200-500 words) with scary themes. Too scary for young children, this book will make a great gift for the teen or adult horror fan in your life. Expected publication – October 2015

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