poetry wordleI love poetry. In fact, the first thing I remember writing that I shared with anybody besides a teacher was a Thanksgiving poem I wrote in third grade.

This is where I’ll share links to my published poetry, as well as to some poems that I’ll only publish here.

As you browse the online links, be sure to read the wonderful work of other poets included in the same issues. It’s a real treat!

Published Poetry

In-flight Literary Magazine – In October 2014, two of my poems were published in the inaugural online issue of In-Fight Literary Journal. The two selected poems were “Making Love on the Bank of the Eel River” and “Martha Stewart and My raw Chicken.” You can enjoy them here.

Reader’s Carnival – My poem “The Tenth of November” was published in the November 2014 issue of Reader’s Carnival. This poem was dedicated to my mother who was born on November 10th.

My poem, “The Janitor and Five Minutes” was also published by Reader’s Carnival in the April 2015 issue. The theme for the issue was Empowering Nonfiction. As you read the poem, keep in mind that it’s true.

2014 Poetry Marathon Anthology – On August 23, 2014, I participated in my very first poetry marathon. Over a hundred poets and writers from around the world stayed up for 24 hours straight, submitting a poem an hour. About half of those who started finished and one poem from each of the finishers was selected for the anthology. My poem, “The Bering Sea,” which is dedicated to my son, a Bering Sea fisherman, is included.  I should note that not everyone in the marathon participated for 24, as I did.  Some chose to complete only a half marathon (12 hours).  Those finishers have a poem included in the anthology as well.  Unfortunately, the anthology is not available online, but you can purchase it through Amazon here. If you love poetry, it is definitely worth it.

Keep checking back! I have many poems out to various journals and magazines.  I’ll keep adding to this list as they are published.

Poem of the Week

I’ll post a Poem of the Week on the blog and link to them here.

(Okay, so I haven’t posted a poem every week. I’m going to do my best to get better about that.)

Poem of the Week – 12/5/14 – My Magic Body

Poem of the Week – 12/13/14 – Words

Poem of the Week – 12/26/14 – My Mind

Poem of the Week – 6-30-15 – Chasing the Sunset

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