How She Would Want It

KATHY059My mother died on this day – December 10, 2006. It has been 8 years now, but it’s still a sad day.  I find myself close to tears several times throughout the day as I remember, and I do my best to replace the sadness with happy memories of her, and there are many, many happy memories to choose from.

For the last two weeks of her life, she was at home, receiving hospice support.  I was there caring for her, along with various other family members who came and went and some professional care givers, as well. But I was the one who was there 24 hours a day.

I had the chance to talk with my mother a lot during those final weeks, especially the first week, while she was still fully lucid and alert. We shared our honest and heartfelt thoughts during the wee hours of the morning when no one else was there or awake and I had the chance to say everything I wanted and needed to say to her,  She did, too. Continue reading How She Would Want It

My New Sight

VisionThe moment I realized my life had changed was like the day I first tried on my new glasses.  I was in 7th grade.  I knew I had some vision problems, but I had no idea how severe they were until I slipped those glasses on over my nose for the first time and looked out the window.

I gasped and saw a sight I’ll never forget.  It was a tree. There was nothing particularly special about the tree except that this tree had individual leaves that I could see. Until that moment, I thought that no one could see individual leaves on trees. Drawings of trees looked like green scribbles on top of brown trunks because that’s what they looked like, or so I thought. I knew that individual leaves existed because I had seen them on the ground.  I’d held them in my hand. Off the tree they were individuals, but on the tree they were an indistinguishable collective.  That’s what I thought until I tried on those glasses that day when I was 13. Continue reading My New Sight

Story of the Week – 12/5/14 – The Mistake


The Mistake

“Oh, no. Oh, oh no!” exclaimed Clarence as he shuffled through the papers in the file on his desk.  “I’ve been working in the audit department forever and this has never happened. It can’t happen!”

After pacing back and forth a few times, Clarence picked up the phone.

“I’m sorry, Sir, but a mistake has been made, a terrible mistake. Someone was admitted without the appropriate background and credentials.” Clarence was sweating profusely.  “Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir.” He hung up the phone gently. Continue reading Story of the Week – 12/5/14 – The Mistake

Poem of the Week – 12/5/14

My Magic Body


 Aging, aching, limping, lumpy

My body speaks to me loudy

As I begin the sixth decade of my life

The mirror isn’t my friend

It’s more of an emotionless reminder

That life is constant change

And my body is my body

Regardless of how I feel about it

When I try to walkmy body feels

Heavy, resistant, unforgiving

But in the arms of a lover my body is

Perfect, sexy, powerful


Interview with StarkLight Press

science fiction imageSeveral months ago I entered a Science Fiction short story contest sponsored by StarkLight Press, and I was one of the winners!  The winning entries will be published in an anthology which will be out soon. In the meantime, pre-publication publicity has begun.

I was interviewed by Virginia Carraway Stark, Editor-in-Chief of StarkLight Press. Click here to read the interview. At the StarkLight website you can also read interviews with the other authors who will be featured in the anthology.

As soon as the anthology is released, I’ll let you know.


A Funny Thing Happened. . .

A fupath imagenny thing happened on the way to this post.  Somehow, we had an accident and lost everything we had posted here. Some of it I had saved back from our Blogger days, but some of it is *poof* gone.  Rather than pull over all the old content from Blogger again, I’ve decided to start again. This is a new start for me in many respects  anyway (I’m sure I’ll elaborate on this for you soon), so starting over seems right.

I may pull over some of the old posts and update them for you, but for the most part, let’s look forward, rather than back, shall we?

Stop by to read my musings and writings.  This site isn’t about selling books and articles, although I’ll gladly sell you some and you’ll see some of those opportunities; Instead, it’s about sharing some of this writer’s journey with you.

If there’s something you’d like to see here, let me know. It’s a new beginning!


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