My Unrealistic To Do List

To-Do-List, unrealistic to do listI’ve always has a problem with time management. I keep a To Do list, but it’s the most unrealistic To Do list I’ve ever seen.

Right at this moment, I have 39 work-related items on the list. Thirty-nine! There’s no way all of them can be done today or even this week. Yet there they are, staring at me, making me feel unproductive.

People have suggested that I prioritize the list. I try, but if I were any good at that, I’d be better at time management overall, wouldn’t I? Some have recommended elaborate time management systems that are arduous and end up being something else I have to manage – one more item on the list itself.

I’ve read books on time management and I have a brain full of tips for managing my list. My problem doesn’t seem to be with the theoretical knowledge of how to do this. Rather, my problem is in the execution.

The bottom line is that time is my most precious resource and, like most people, I have more to do than I have time to do it. There are home and family responsibilities that often jump ahead of the items on my work-related list. That’s a matter of priorities, for sure, but it doesn’t help me get that work list handled.

So I keep struggling with my unrealistic To Do list, adding two items for every one that I check off.

What are your ideas for managing this situation?