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My New Sight

VisionThe moment I realized my life had changed was like the day I first tried on my new glasses.  I was in 7th grade.  I knew I had some vision problems, but I had no idea how severe they were until I slipped those glasses on over my nose for the first time and looked out the window.

I gasped and saw a sight I’ll never forget.  It was a tree. There was nothing particularly special about the tree except that this tree had individual leaves that I could see. Until that moment, I thought that no one could see individual leaves on trees. Drawings of trees looked like green scribbles on top of brown trunks because that’s what they looked like, or so I thought. I knew that individual leaves existed because I had seen them on the ground.  I’d held them in my hand. Off the tree they were individuals, but on the tree they were an indistinguishable collective.  That’s what I thought until I tried on those glasses that day when I was 13. Continue reading My New Sight

Story of the Week – 12/5/14 – The Mistake


The Mistake

“Oh, no. Oh, oh no!” exclaimed Clarence as he shuffled through the papers in the file on his desk.  “I’ve been working in the audit department forever and this has never happened. It can’t happen!”

After pacing back and forth a few times, Clarence picked up the phone.

“I’m sorry, Sir, but a mistake has been made, a terrible mistake. Someone was admitted without the appropriate background and credentials.” Clarence was sweating profusely.  “Yes, Sir. Right away, Sir.” He hung up the phone gently. Continue reading Story of the Week – 12/5/14 – The Mistake