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Poem of the Week – 1/21/16 – Earth and Sky

earth and skyEarth and Sky

The color of his eyes
The color of earth
Grounded and strong
Calm and perseverant
His arms around me
Make me crave his power
His kiss tames my flighty spirit
His eyes show me
The depth of his soul
The color of my eyes
The color of sky
Aloof and flexible
Curious and untamed
I am seduced by his placid strength
And captured by his commitment to the moment
He pulls me away from my constant analysis
Forces me back into my body
Only to devour me and leave me both broken and stronger.

Poem of the Week – 1/15/16 – Martha Stewart and My Raw Chicken

martha-stewart, Martha StewartMartha Stewart and My Raw Chicken

I learned how to cut up a raw chicken 27 years ago by watching Martha Stewart on TV.

I spread waxed paper on the table and grabbed a kitchen knife,
The wrong kind, of course.
How was I to know the difference between a butcher knife, a paring knife, a steak knife, or any other kind of knife?

I watched Martha gracefully slice through the chicken,
Cutting easily through the bones
Without even getting any on her blouse.

I was a mess,
Hacking through the fowl thing like an untrained laborer cutting a log with a dull saw,
Chicken blood and muck spread all over me.

After the show was over and Martha declared her chicken a “good thing,”
My chicken didn’t look like her chicken.
My coffee table didn’t look like her kitchen counter.
And I didn’t look like Martha.

I cried.

Then I cooked the chicken and cleaned up my mess.
I put on clean clothes and makeup and did my hair.

When my husband came home I served him the chicken,
And he loved it.

I smiled.
I felt like Martha Stewart.

Chasing the Sunset

Chasing the sun down Highway 16
Speeding by the orchards and fields
Hoping to make it to the perfect spot
To see the sunset before it disappears
Indecisive clouds threaten rain
As the azure and rose of the sunset
Take on a smoky hue
And the day fades gently into the past.
The beautiful sights of the valley
Complement the radiance of the sky.
Trees are transformed into perfect silhouettes in the dusk;
 A herd of goats meanders slowly through a golden field.
We arrive at our destination just in time
To capture the final moments of the day.
As the sun disappears, we drink in the colors that
Refuse to give way to the darkness
Golden hills, green trees, hints of blue in the sky,
Colors in thousands of shades are
Painted into God’s masterpiece,
A gift we receive simply by stopping to look.
As we gaze silently at the panoramic view,
The sounds begin to compete with the sights for attention.
The creek below us babbles and rushes, making a Shhhh sound,
Seemingly shushing us, encouraging  a silent reverence
As the sun makes its final retreat.
All around us, the crickets sing their song of welcome to the night.
My spirit is calmed and refreshed.
I wrote this poem after an evening drive with a friend a few weeks ago.  We had enjoyed a meal together and then decided to drive through the country to a particular spot to watch the sun go down.  The only problem was that the sun had already started to set and it seemed like we were truly chasing it as we drove westward toward our destination. We were chasing the sunset.

Poem of the Week – 1/9/15 – Disposable

cut treeChristmas trees litter the gutters

Waiting for the annual tree disposal pick up.

Such a nice service for the community,

Saving us all a trip to the dump.

Standing on my curb I look down the street

At the dead, fallen forest.

What a sad ending to a season of home and joy.

We all move on, throwing out our hope with the trash.

Do the Unexpected. Be a Running Cow.

rounning cowsSeveral years ago, I was driving home from visiting a client in a rural area and I noticed a cow running through a field, playing with her calves. It was a completely unexpected sight. Seriously, how often do you see fully grown cows running in a field?

I did a little online research on the subject and learned that while cows can run, they usually don’t run unless they are stressed (being chased, etc.). Yet what I saw was definitely not a stressed cow. It was most definitely a happy cow (and yes, this happy cow was a California cow). Here’s a video of cows running for pleasure (well, at least that’s what the folks filming it in the truck say it is – pleasure), so I know it’s not unheard of for cows to run for fun, but I can definitely say that it was an unexpected sight for me. It was such an unexpected sight that I pulled over to watch for a while. Continue reading Do the Unexpected. Be a Running Cow.

Facebook Dilemma

A writing group I belong to on Facebook is having a poetry marathon today.  Because I love poetry marathons as a way to shake away any creative cobwebs, I have been keeping up and writing a poem an hour.

The way the maraFB like button and question markthon works is that members write a poem an hour, responding to a prompt (or not), and then post those poems to the group’s Facebook page.  We read each other’s poetry and comment. It’s a small,  nice community, and participating is fun. Continue reading Facebook Dilemma

Poem of the Week – Words – 12/13/14


They wake me from my slumber
Begging, insisting, demanding release from the confines of my mind.
I force them aside;
They push harder.
I try to appease them by giving them time to run free in my thoughts,
But that’s not enough.
They give me no peace until I write them down,
Giving them the respect they inspire.
Only then will they release me to sleep
Or be held captive by other words,
Demanding their place on the page.

Poem of the Week – 12/5/14

My Magic Body


 Aging, aching, limping, lumpy

My body speaks to me loudy

As I begin the sixth decade of my life

The mirror isn’t my friend

It’s more of an emotionless reminder

That life is constant change

And my body is my body

Regardless of how I feel about it

When I try to walkmy body feels

Heavy, resistant, unforgiving

But in the arms of a lover my body is

Perfect, sexy, powerful