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A Funny Thing Happened. . .

A fupath imagenny thing happened on the way to this post.  Somehow, we had an accident and lost everything we had posted here. Some of it I had saved back from our Blogger days, but some of it is *poof* gone.  Rather than pull over all the old content from Blogger again, I’ve decided to start again. This is a new start for me in many respects  anyway (I’m sure I’ll elaborate on this for you soon), so starting over seems right.

I may pull over some of the old posts and update them for you, but for the most part, let’s look forward, rather than back, shall we?

Stop by to read my musings and writings.  This site isn’t about selling books and articles, although I’ll gladly sell you some and you’ll see some of those opportunities; Instead, it’s about sharing some of this writer’s journey with you.

If there’s something you’d like to see here, let me know. It’s a new beginning!