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A Recommendation for You – Kill the King

23754581I read a delightful short story yesterday, titled Kill the King by Jim Heskett. It’s normally priced 99 cents on Kindle, but you can get it today free  (just click on the title link in the previous sentence).

Here’s the review for Kill the King I posted today on Goodreads:

This is a charming story told from a unique point of view, that of a royal food taster. In the beginning I thought I was reading something written like a fairy tale, but it soon became clear that it was a very modern monarchy. The author’s use of language to create the detail of this one-of-a-kind modern fairy tale kingdom was brilliant! Descriptions of modern security guards, similar to Secret Service agents, blended seamlessly with images reminiscent of childhood fairly tales (the cabbage man, the king’s obsequious entourage, etc.) to form something truly unique.

It didn’t take me long to agree that the power-obsessed, narcissistic king needed to die, for reasons not nearly as noble as those of the royal food taster. I wasn’t prepared, though, for all of the twists and turns. Each was as unexpected as perfectly plausible.

This story is a quick and delightful read. I highly recommend it. The language was so delicious that I read it twice!

At the end of the book is an added bonus of another short story, I Go By Tim. This one was also very well-written with an unexpected twist at the end.


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