Back in the Saddle

Back-in-the-Saddle-AgainAh, how good it feels to be writing again!  I’ve spent the better part of the last year preparing for or recovering from one surgery or another – four in the past year. But now here I am with two knees and all of that surgery and recovery behind me.

My project list is very long. I just finished and published a learning unit on angles and triangles (Mathcraft Geometry: All About Angles), based on the game Minecraft. The next in line is my new book The Quick Guide to Learning through Video Games which will be accompanied by The Quick Guide to Learning through Minecraft. It looks like those will be finished and ready for release in February. I’m looking for beta readers and editing help. If you’re interested, please send me a message.

I’m also taking on new grant writing clients. This is the first time in well over a year that I’ve accepted new clients, so if you need help in this area – or you know someone who does – now is the time to jump aboard.

It definitely feels good to be back! What are you working on?