Chasing the Sunset

Chasing the sun down Highway 16
Speeding by the orchards and fields
Hoping to make it to the perfect spot
To see the sunset before it disappears
Indecisive clouds threaten rain
As the azure and rose of the sunset
Take on a smoky hue
And the day fades gently into the past.
The beautiful sights of the valley
Complement the radiance of the sky.
Trees are transformed into perfect silhouettes in the dusk;
 A herd of goats meanders slowly through a golden field.
We arrive at our destination just in time
To capture the final moments of the day.
As the sun disappears, we drink in the colors that
Refuse to give way to the darkness
Golden hills, green trees, hints of blue in the sky,
Colors in thousands of shades are
Painted into God’s masterpiece,
A gift we receive simply by stopping to look.
As we gaze silently at the panoramic view,
The sounds begin to compete with the sights for attention.
The creek below us babbles and rushes, making a Shhhh sound,
Seemingly shushing us, encouraging  a silent reverence
As the sun makes its final retreat.
All around us, the crickets sing their song of welcome to the night.
My spirit is calmed and refreshed.
I wrote this poem after an evening drive with a friend a few weeks ago.  We had enjoyed a meal together and then decided to drive through the country to a particular spot to watch the sun go down.  The only problem was that the sun had already started to set and it seemed like we were truly chasing it as we drove westward toward our destination. We were chasing the sunset.

Hot, But Grateful

Yeah, it’s hot.

sunIn my part of the world, it’s 102 degrees hot right now, on its way to 108.  Our air conditioner is starting to have a hard time keeping up, but I’m still grateful that we have air conditioning.

In fact, I’m grateful for many things today. I’m grateful for my friends and family. I’m grateful for my health.  I’m grateful for all of you who have bought and read one of my books.  I’m grateful for internet access and the technology that lets me do my work so much more easily than in the past.

I’m grateful for the smiling face of my son that I just saw a moment ago as he peeked over the top of his computer monitor just as I was peeking over the top of mine. Moments like that are truly precious.

I’m grateful that I get to work at home where I can see my husband and son all day, every day. My husband is now working from home, too, so we a re doubly blessed. Even though my older son is far away, I’m grateful that he’s happy and safe.

I could go on and on, but I won’t. My complete gratitude list is very, very long.

Just because everything doesn’t seem perfect doesn’t mean there isn’t much to be grateful for, and it certainly doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t be happy.

Yeah, I’m hot, but grateful.